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    Sources of .358 Hoosier Stuff (Rifles, Barrels, Ammo, etc.)

    The following is an updated list of sources for .358 Hoosier stuff of which I am aware. Readers of this thread are encouraged to post any additional sources.

    Pacific Tool and Gauge Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc. - Home
    P.O. Box 2549
    598 Ave. C
    White City, OR 97503
    Phone: 541-826-5808

    JGS Precision Tool Mfg., LLC Reamers, Chamber Reamers,, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Chamber Reamers , Gauges, Bore Reamers, Precision Tools, Turbo Assesories,
    60819 Selander Road
    Coos Bay, OR 97420
    Phone: 541/267-4331
    Fax: 541/267-5996

    A.J. Brown Arms (Alan Brown) A.J. Brown Arms Co.
    709 N. Washington St.
    Bloomfield, IN 47424
    Phone: 812-384-1056

    Penrod Precision (Mark Penrod)
    312 College Ave.
    North Manchester, IN 46962
    Phone: 260-982-8385

    Ski Rifles LLC (Robert Stenski) Home Page
    204 Lucky Lane (by appointment only)
    Pendleton, IN 46064
    Phone: 317-401-6222

    M&S Armament (Mario) Catalog | M&S Armament
    1740 E. St. Rd. 163
    Clinton, IN 47842
    Phone: 765-505-1387

    BARRELS (bolt action & T/C Encore
    A.J. Brown Arms

    BARRELS (Savage bolt action)
    BFG Design LLC BFG Design, Wildcat Cartridge Design, Custom Barrels, Brass, Bullets and Dies.
    Box 72
    Clinton, IN 47842

    BARRELS (T/C Encore only)
    Match Grade Machine (MGM) Match grade Machine Custom Thompson Center Encore, Contender, G2 barrels, and Pro Hunter - MGM
    963 North 1400 West
    St. George, UT 84770
    Phone: 435-628-0071)

    A.J. Brown Arms

    A.J. Brown Arms

    BFG Design LLC

    M&S Armament

    Hornady Manufacturing - Accurate, Deadly, Dependable - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc
    ATTN: Ben Syring
    3625 West Old Potash Hwy.
    P.O. Box 1848
    Grand Island, NE 68802
    Phone: 800-338-3220 X261

    BFG Design LLC

    M&S Armament
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    JGS Precision Tool has been added to the list of suppliers (chambering reamers and gauges).

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    BFG Design LLC and M&S Armament have been added to the list of suppliers of stuff for the .358 Hoosier. See the modified list in the original post.

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    Rosedale Indiana
    Ski rifles in pendleton Indiana does the hoosier and 358 wssm builds.
    He has barrels and dies for any rifle.
    His number is 317 401 6222

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    Ski Rifles LLC has been added to the list of suppliers of custom rifles for the .358 Hoosier. See the modified list in the original post.

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    Cool! I have a Savage and a Ruger that I would love to convert if I can only find a place to hunt.
    I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on.

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    Phoenix Guns has been added to the list of suppliers of custom rifles and other items for the .358 Hoosier. (See list in original post.) In addition to custom rifles, Phoenix Guns can supply bolt action and T/C Encore barrels, ammunition, formed cases, and reloading dies.

    Phoenix Guns
    5025 E. State St. (SR 46/SR 7)
    Columbus, IN 47201
    Shop Phone: 812-378-5727
    Other Phone: 812-447-0448

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    The following includes some updated information recently sent to known suppliers of rifles, barrels, and ammunition for the .358 Hoosier:

    Because of the continuing shortage of .358 Winchester brass (the original parent case of the .358 Hoosier) many owners of existing .358 Hoosier rifles and barrels are forced to use various brands of .308 Winchester commercial brass to make Hoosier cases. Some (not all) of this brass is a little too thick in the neck area to chamber in existing rifles without first outside neck turning the formed brass. In order to make it easier to use commercial .308 Winchester brass as the parent case (and not needing to neck turn the brass) in future barrels, Pacific Tool and Gauge has made a modification to the finish chamber reamer that they produce. The headspace and other dimensions stay the same, but the neck diameter is increased about .004 inches. Also, about .020 inches longer freebore is used in the latest version of the .358 Hoosier to better accommodate slightly longer overall cartridge lengths. The finish reamer Print Number is D-32464 (available from Pacific Tool and Gauge).

    It has been requested that future .358 Hoosier barrels be chambered with the latest reamer dimensions. However, if or when a supplier does this is strictly up to them. The same thing holds true regarding possibly “opening up” some existing chambers to the new dimensions. As you know, the cartridge and all that goes with it are in the public domain.

    There still exists the caution regarding surplus military .308 (7.62 X 51 NATO) brass. It may have thicker case walls and necks than commercial brass and a somewhat smaller powder capacity. Also, some of it may have been fired in machine guns having very “generous“ chambers (which can make initial resizing more difficult).
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    Just got my .358 Hoosier build back from Douglas Barrels. 24" air gauged Remington #3 contour stainless steel match barrel. They took my Rem. Mod. 700 barreled action and removed the barrel and recoil lug. They trued the bolt and action, made and chambered the barrel and put the works back together again for $565.00 They sent me back the barreled action with their barrel installed plus, of course, the old barrel. Very nice to deal with and they have a long history in the business with a great reputation. I'm stocking it with a Bell & Carlson Medalist with a full aluminum bedding block. The Rem. #3 contour fits the Medalist. Will get back on the forum once I've put some rounds down the pipe. Stan Taylor at Douglas Barrels: 304-776-1341 Great to work with. I have high expectations for the accuracy of this rifle.

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