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    TMK = Meh.

    At least for the 69 TMK, I tried just near everything I knew except seating them to the lands (cuz that's not really the POINT of a 69, now is it?!) to make them shoot, and they won't shoot.

    By won't shoot, I mean that the litmus test is to shoot as well as my existing 77 SMK loads, and preferably as well as the 69 SMK. They do not do that.

    The box of 77 TMKs was thrown into the same garbage can, since I have better things to do than waste powder on a few points BC for only 300 yards....and I don't need another 600 yard bullet.


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    When working up a load, use proven componets that are proven to work well together. Make sure you you aren't torquing the barrel on a non-free float barrel with the sling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop
    My biggest problem is once I find a commercial load that works it disappears; CBC /Magtech MK262 Mod1
    A very popular "go-to" Mk262 clone load is a 77gr Nosler or SMK over 23.3-23.8gr of 8208XBR; I use 23.5gr. Normal internet disclaimer that 23.2gr represents Hodgdon 223 book max, but I've run as high as 24.0gr in a Wylde/5.56 chambered gas gun without pressure concerns.
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    I played with 223 a lot last year, because it was new to me. I had only reloaded pistol prior to that. My most accurate load was the Sierra 77 TMK with VV N135 powder loaded into new Lapua cases (Sized and then trimmed on My Giraud) and WSR primers. 2.260 OAL. I don't have my handbook here, just the snapshot of the table of contents, so not sure which charge I chose. I am not a very good, or experienced bench rest shooter, but I could pretty easily shoot .5" groups at 100 yards from my sand bags through my 18" JP-15 and my 1-6 Kahles. I don't have the ability to shoot further than that, so it was just an exercise to see what I could wring out of my reloading practices. For my purposes, and MUCH cheaper, I got right at 1" groups with the Hornady 55 FMJBT, TAC and surplus brass, so I won't be shooting too many 77s.

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    A lot of well meaning advice, but Sloughfoot and Leo have been there and done that. Follow their advice about the heavier bullets. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Load a proven bullet/ powder combination for NRA high power shooting and start training! I like the KISS principle and like ammo that feeds through my magazines and use the same load at all distances, but I'm just a duffer.

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    When working up a load, make sure you are using quality brass that is prepped, the right bullets and powder and primers for the right job. Check for neck and bullet runout as you load. Non-concentric loaded ammo is going to cause fliers. You can't figure out what load works for your rifle when its throwing fliers. Shooting a batch of ammo that is prone to throw fliers will not help you develop your shooting skills as quickly because you won't know if that wild shot was something you did or something wrong with your rifle or your ammo.

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