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    Just got this Email from S&W. These new-for-2014 products are in addition to the new Performance Center revolvers previously announced.

    New M&P Products

    M&P® BODYGUARD 380 – A new sub-compact .380 ACP pistol enhanced with M&P style features.

    Combining popular M&P characteristics with existing BODYGUARD features, the new M&P BG380 offers consumers a uniquely engineered, lightweight self-defense pistol. Compact, sleek and ergonomic, the M&P BG380 pistol benefits from new fish scale serrations on the rear of the slide for ease of use and like other M&P pistols, ships complete with two magazines. Chambered for .380 ACP, the lightweight sub-compact pistol features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, Maximum Corrosion Resistant (MCR) coated stainless steel slide and barrel. The new M&P BG380 is standard with a 2 ¾ inch barrel, which contributes to an overall length of 5 ¼ inches and an unloaded weight of only 11.85 ounces. Additional standard features include a rapid second-strike capability, thumb safety, take-down lever and stainless steel drift adjustable sights.

    M&P15-22 (Multi-color) – Highly sought M&P15-22 rifle now available in four new popular camouflage finishes.

    Expanding on the most popular rimfire rifle in its class, the M&P15-22 by Smith & Wesson has been updated with new patterns available for 2014. Now offered with a Tan/Black, Pink Platinum, Purple Platinum or Harvest Moon Orange camouflage finish, the popular M&P15-22 semi-automatic rifle is available in both standard and state compliant models. With operating controls similar to the M&P15, the M&P15-22 rimfire rifle retains standard features such as a fully functioning charging handle, two-position receiver mount safety and lightweight polymer frame, making it a perfect rifle for recreation, small game or training purposes.

    M&P10 – Multi-purpose M&P10 rifle now available with 20 round magazine capacity.

    Extending the company’s lineup of multi-purpose modern sporting rifles chambered in .308 Win., Smith & Wesson has released a new M&P10 variant complete with a 20-round Magpul® magazine. A true hallmark of this modular firearm system, the M&P10 is standard with ambidextrous dual magazine releases, bolt catches and reversible safety selectors (long/short). Designed to be fully ambidextrous in nature, the M&P10 is well positioned to accomplish long-range applications, big game hunting or competition. As one of the lightest rifles in its class, the M&P10 tips the scales at only 7.71 pounds and is fitted with leading edge features including 5R rifling, an adjustable 6-position CAR stock, patented Smith & Wesson enhanced flash hider and an 18 inch barrel.

    M&P15 300 Whisper – Popular M&P15 modern sporting rifle updated with new finish for .300 Whisper/.300 AAC Blackout caliber.

    Another new addition to the high performance line of M&P15 rifles is the availability of an all black modern sporting rifle chambered in the popular .300 Whisper/.300 AAC Blackout. Manufactured with all of the same features as the previously released version that was only available in a Realtree® APG finish, the new all black variant is designed to operate with or without a sound suppressor and is equipped with a 5/8-24 threaded barrel along with an A2 style flash hider. Other standard features include a 5R rifled barrel, crisp single action trigger and 16 inch barrel with a 1 in 7.5 inch twist rate.

    New Smith & Wesson Models

    Model 69 Combat Magnum – Smith & Wesson’s first L-Frame revolver in historic .44 Magnum®.

    For 2014, Smith & Wesson has unveiled its first ever L-Frame revolver chambered in the powerful .44 Magnum® with the introduction of the Model 69 Combat Magnum. A five-shot revolver with a stainless steel frame and cylinder, the new revolver is capable of handling the lightest .44 Special loads to the heaviest .44 Magnum loads. The L-Frame revolver has a 4.25 inch barrel and an overall weight of 37.2 ounces. The Model 69 has adjustable rear sights, a red ramp front sight, glass bead finish, two-piece barrel, ball-detent lock up and full top strap and barrel serrations.

    Model 66 Combat Magnum – Highly collectible Combat Magnum revolver returns to Smith & Wesson lineup.

    New for Smith & Wesson in 2014 is the re-introduction of the K-Frame Model Combat Magnum. Chambered in .357 Magnum and originally produced from 1970 to 2005 the Model 66 was a mainstay in many law enforcement officers’ holsters. The new Model 66 features a stainless steel frame and cylinder, and a glass bead finish. The Model 66 has a 4.25 inch barrel, and an overall length of 9.6 inches. The revolver has an unloaded weight of 36.6 ounces and comes equipped with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable white outline rear sight. The Model 66 also features synthetic grips, ball-detent lock up, full top strap barrel serrations and a two-piece barrel.

    Smith & Wesson Governor® (Matte Silver Finish) – Multi-caliber revolver now offered in popular matte silver finish.

    Refinished by popular demand is a new version of the Smith & Wesson multi-caliber revolver complete with a matte silver finish – the S&W Governor. Chambered for .410 2 ½ inch shotshell, .45 ACP or .45 Colt, the new Governor features a patented, heat-treated scandium alloy frame with stainless steel cylinder. The six-shot revolver also features a snag-free front sight, a shock-absorbing grip, plus 2-shot and 6-shot moon clips for the .45ACP. The single/double action revolver has a 2.75 inch barrel and an unloaded weight of 29.6 ounces.

    For more information on these and other models from the M&P and Smith & Wesson line, please visit Smith & Wesson.

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    A new model 66 would be fun. Otherwise not much to get me excited.
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    Knowing VERT, I can testify that he's just a gun whore and is a little envious of anyone that has a pretty 1911 model that he's never had in his safe.

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    Its about time they offered the .380 body guard without the laser. Its pretty useless

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    I agree the BG380 laser is like **** on a boar, but at the prices they can be had for these days I'm not certain what S&W thinks they're going to get out of a "sans laser" version.
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    That model 69 will be mine before the years end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassmatt View Post
    That model 69 will be mine before the years end.
    Not if I beat you to it, but you can shoot mine...maybe.
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    Nothing crazy exciting. Nothing to get me to pull money out of the bank anyways.

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    under your bed!!!
    the model 69 has me interested also
    It's all true!!! The Boogieman IS real, and you found him!!!

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    Look like some safe bets on the BG and the new paint on the MP15-22 and the revolvers aught to be a hit. I'd like to see a shorter Model 66 and REALLY hoped for a .45 version of the Shield to compete with the XDs
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    Might have to check out that body guard for the lady friend..

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