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Thread: Age to buy Ammo

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    Age to buy Ammo

    I am 19 and have had my LTCH since I was 18. I always have problems buying ammo since I am under 21. At walmart it is usaly pretty easy they ask if it is for a pistol or rifle I reply rifle and I buy it. But the other day I went to meijer and they would not sell me a box of .38 specials. What are the laws regulating the sale of ammo?

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    rifle/shotgun ammo = 18

    handgun ammo = 21

    Im sure its with in Meijers right to refuse to see you ammo that is typically for a handgun if they dont want to.

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    I had this problem with Walmart as well. They never question the .22 or shotgun ammo, but simply refused to believe that such a thing as a .40S&W rifle exists.

    I am 20 and hold a Lifetime LTCH, makes no difference to them, but you really cannot blame the cashier, they are on camera, and If someone noticed or anything happened they would be held liable.

    I go to BassPro and buy my .45ACP ammo, I take it down to the front where the (no offense ladies) girls there don't know the laws. At BassPro the "check customer ID" doesnt pop up on the register, at least not that I have seen.

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    You know, I often think what it would be like to be young again, and then I realize what a PITA it would be to buy ammo, a handgun, rent a car, get a drink, etc.

    What Rights have you agreed to compromise away today? What did you get in return? Nothing? So, you didn't compromise, you just gave them away. FOR NOTHING. Do you place such little value on your Rights that you'll sell them for NOTHING?!

    I'm going to demand that you give me your house and your car. When you refuse, I will order you to give me just your car, and then I will say "See? I compromised! I only took your car!" Allowing you to keep your own house and only taking your car is not a compromise.

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