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    Help jam up the NSA!

    I think this is a cool idea. Didn't have to be done at 7:00. Anytime this evening will do. The general idea is to send an email or emails that have hot button words or phrases in them but in the context of an innocent email. An example is provided that you can use.


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    Might make you feel good, but won't matter one iota to their systems. The people who keep calling for this don't have any idea how modern data analysis works.

    What Rights have you agreed to compromise away today? What did you get in return? Nothing? So, you didn't compromise, you just gave them away. FOR NOTHING. Do you place such little value on your Rights that you'll sell them for NOTHING?!

    I'm going to demand that you give me your house and your car. When you refuse, I will order you to give me just your car, and then I will say "See? I compromised! I only took your car!" Allowing you to keep your own house and only taking your car is not a compromise.

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