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    Sig p238 Equinox


    Putting this back up...

    Selling my Sig P238 Equinox I got a couple of weeks ago. Got it used from an INGO'er who said he never had a FTE/FTF with it. I have not heard of any Equinox P238 having any of the problems that seem to follow the first set of P238's on the market. The previous owner said he put 300 flawless rounds downrange. I have not fired it. Up for sale/trade is

    -Sig P238 Equinox, with siglite night sights, G-10 grips by VZ Grips, Wolff reduced power hammer spring installed, product page -> Products & Services
    -Three total Sig factory mags
    -Desantis leather IWB holster, Cozy Partner, brown
    -Wolff standard and extra power recoil and firing pin spring kits
    -Original hammer spring
    -Original wood grips
    -Sig blue case and manual
    -One box of 20 .380ACP Gold Dots, 90gr

    Selling outright for $500. Firm on this great price. No trades.

    FTF in the central Indy area.

    Pics below.

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    I want it! PMing details
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