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    How about you go buy a 320 like the most of us have. I have about 7 glocks and none shoot like the 320. It's one bad.. (shut yo mouth).

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    Quote Originally Posted by canterbc View Post
    If I were in the market for a striker fired gun I would have said get the 320 if you asked me a couple of months ago. Now I'd tell you to hold on and see if you can get your hands on a CZ P10 to try out. From everything I have heard the trigger is fantastic, better than the 320 which has the best striker fire trigger I've tried.
    I would love to see if the cz is better than a 320. And if this miracle could be possible I would also own one of them. But I still wouldn't get rid of my 320.

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    If it feels good . . .

    I picked up a P320 compact and it puts the holes where I expect them to be within the scope of my ability. I have to do a lot of thinking when I use a Glock (when the holes are nowhere near where I thought they should be) but I never have to "relearn" my Sig even when time is limited and trips to the range are not as frequent as I'd like.

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    Is the P320 target model out yet? That would be the only way I'd talk you out of a normal one.

    P320 Target! - SIG Talk

    [EDIT] Doesn't look like it's out yet. Looks like Shot Show 2017 should have some data. Now called the P320-X5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cars0n View Post
    I've shot the M&P shield and full-sized. They were ok, but not great.

    Haven't shot the H&K VP9 yet. Indy Arms is the only place I've seen that rents them and haven't made it there yet. I'd also like to try Walther PPQ, but haven't found a place that rents those yet.
    I would check that one out before you make your final decision.

    I have almost decided that I will buy one but I will at least check out the 320 though I am not sure it will offer anything more than the Walther. But we both should give the other pistol a chance!
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    Because it isn't a P226?

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    The Walther PPQ-M2 supposedly has the best trigger of all the striker-fired pistolas.

    It IS quite nice, certainly, at least in my dry-firing.
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    Me personally...I think I would stick with the Glock 19/ just fits better in my (smaller) hands, it's a 'natural' shooter (aim), and it's incredibly accurate allowing me to put an entire magazine through a sub-4" hole at 21'/7m...which is fairly good shooting, at least for me. The only other 'compact' pistol that feels really good to me is the SR9c from just has a great feel to it when I hold/shoot it!

    That being said, if you really like it and it feels great in your hand...get one! One of the best words in the entire world is...'options'!
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    No need for me to talk you out of the P320. Shoot a CZ P09 and you'll talk yourself out of the P320 pretty quickly. If you really are looking for a striker fired gun, then give the P10 a try once they become easy to get. Lots of good reviews on those by people that used to love other guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Some 9mm have had reported issues with shooting to point of aim. Those examples still group well, but hit high. This can be fixed via a sight change, and the majority shoot where they are supposed to.

    Not quite as drop safe as some other offerings.

    That's really all the negatives I can think of, and as long as you get one that shoots point of aim with your chosen load and don't store it loaded on a shelf that's head high then knock it off onto concrete, they'll probably never concern you.

    If it fits your hand and you like it, go for it.
    Don't mean to derail the thread, but do you mind explaining why it's not as drop safe? I was under the impression the trigger "safety" on a glock was to keep the trigger bar from moving rearward as both the trigger and bar on a glock move the same direction. In the 320 design, it isn't needed as the trigger bar moves forward when the trigger is moved to the rear. I do admit I could be wrong as I haven't researched this exhaustively (mostly due to lack of relevant info available on the topic).

    To the OP, I own a 320 full size and enjoy shooting it. I don't see an advantage over my glock or m&p, or any other striker fired pistol. It shoots well and seems to be reliable so far. However, I am not a trigger snob, as I cut my teeth on mil spec ar triggers and Berettas in the army. It would be a solid choice and represents a good value, but I wouldn't discount other designs.

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