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    Bullseye Boats & Guns in Kokomo

    I signed up for the years pass at the shooting range. Was happy to hear you can shoot 223 on the range. Same dive from Noblesville as Pops. Good clean range and very friendly. $175.00 vs $149.00 but can shoot rifes up to 223. Clean and friendly is worth the extra $$. They had some good prices also. I have been to the range twice this week and glad to shoot some new guns.

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    BULLSEYE is no bull.

    I bought a used Desert Eagle from a green-horn, and he'd tried to remove the barrel. Simple: I <an <hange <alibers in 20-seconds. But Greenhorn dropped the "little thingie under where them springs are at", and also dropped out the springs, picked the wrong way to assemble the gun, even had the springs in BACKWARDS! ! ! I went to Bulls-eye to have them pack and ship back to MagResearch. But their shop's DE expert was standing there, and began to chuckle. I was going to begin to get snarly, but he said, "Lemme see that thing." He had it all apart and re-assembld in one minute. That's why I said "expert." He even took the time to show me how to undo it if it happened again. BULLS-EYE is a plus-TEN for my part. Pat.

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    Thanks for the reports on Bullseye. I have passed the store many times but never stopped in. I will now!

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    Bulleye is an awesome shop. I don't get up to Kokomo often, but when I'm looking for an indoor range I'll always pick that over Pop's.

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    Bullseye is a good indoor range, usually not overly crowed either.

    And you can browse a good selection of arms while you are there.

    Rookie did some work a while back repairing the hangers.
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    Been going to Bullseye for several years, never crowded, range price is good, $13.00 an hour. But I do think their firearm prices are a little high.

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    I shoot there at least once a week sometimes twice. Good stress reliever! I know all the guys up there and they are knowledgeable.
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    I was down in Kokomo last weekend and had the chance to stop in and have a look around.
    They had a pretty nice selection and the prices were not bad. The guys behind the counter were as pleasant as you could hope for. To a young, self proclaimed window shopper at 9:00am. right when they opened.
    I had never read any review for the store, I was traveling on 31 and they have a nice visible store front. Like any good INGO'r with time to kill I had to stop in. I went in with a blank view and can say that I was not dissapointed.
    They had a couple of consighment guns I would love to have!

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    Was in the area today but didn't make it before they closed. Do they have an website or email address?

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    Nice shop. Very friendly!

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