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Thread: Cheap SHTF guns

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    Mosin M44 Carbines, great guns for the money and ammo is relatively affordable as well. Plus you can actually get some decent rounds down range once you get the hang of the bolt on the Mosin. Second would be 10-22

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    Maverick 88, 10/22, or Marlin 60

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    SHTF cheap guns

    handguns-tokarovs,makarovs or Ruger P series if I could swing it.
    Longguns-shotguns like used Mossberg 500 or Hi point 995.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNobody View Post
    Maverick 88, 10/22, or Marlin 60
    Someone finally mentioned the Marlin 60. You can buy a good used one for $75-$100 and 550 rounds of ammo at Wal-Mart for 16 bucks. I've shot 1000's of rounds through mine and it still works/looks like new.

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    Mosins rule...they are my new found love
    If my wife made me choose between her or my Mosin...I suppose I'd miss her some of the time

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    SKS...just cause I already own a few....
    Mosin If I didn't.
    Shotty also an excllent choice.

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    I think that this is going to vary with terrain, so I'm leaving out any ATT reach out and touch you rifles for 2 reasons, most people are not going to be very good long distance shooters and ammo availability.

    That said in 75 to 125 yards range a good cheap 22's with preferably a heavy bbl, if it's a Ruger, bbl swaps can be cheap and can be made into a longer shooter. Plus you can have the larger mags for them to ease reloading issues and you can carry a ton more 22 ammo than anything else.

    25 to 100 yards a Hi-Point 995 carbine, packs a punch for a 9mm and can take down a yote at 100 yards. Plus 9mm is cheap and can store it up in the 1000rd bulk.

    Close and personal, a Hi-point 9mm handgun, shares the 9mm with the carbine to reduce the types of ammo needed.

    The above is cheap, affords flexibility and most anyone regardless of experience can use the above.

    And did I mention CHEAP (yes I did), that said you could outfit 6 to 7 people prestty good with that.
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    i bought a few $79 Mosin Nagant's for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATF Consumer View Post
    Mosins rule...they are my new found love
    If my wife made me choose between her or my Mosin...I suppose I'd miss her when I wasn't shooting it
    Fixed it for ya
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    I have a mosin. I have several cheapy pistolas,including a Hi-point C9. I think I need a hi point carbine to go with it. I have several shotguns as well, including an especially mean Stevens double barrel 12 with 18" barrels. Hi point 995 is next on my list, or was it a pistol grip shotgun that was next? lol

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