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    Wrong Address Raid--Live Action (GA)

    An apparent wrong address police raid was captured on video in Georgia. The police apparently kept yelling out an incorrect address. The family called 911 and asked for the police to come and police came on in.

    Look forward to the city's explanation for what we are shown.

    This Could Easily Be You ? Must Watch Video Of Police Action: 2:00am Raid ? ?We gonna cane yo? ass?? And Nobody Seems To Care | The Last Refuge
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    I saw "live action" and thought i was gonna see the turtle man shootin dogs!
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    Those men were inspiring with their prayers in the heat of that moment. The least I can do is pray for that family now.

    This whole thing is absolutely sickening. The deniers will be along shortly to tell us that there's more to the story and that the police were justified.

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    May be more to the story but I see no reference to a warrant or exigent circumstances. Looks very bad for the city at this point.
    Kirk Freeman, INGO's Dennis Miller of gun culture references

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    Sheriff keeps saying they're going to jail. What for?


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    I hope the family sues for a new record settlement! The LEO's were unprofessional and were wrong.
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    I read a different version of this the other day. No doubt the cops were too aggressive, and were scatterbrained at best. But, they were there to arrest the mother for a BS civil matter, as I recall. Outstanding fine or the like. Not a real crime. They were way overboard and I hope the residents get every cent they deserve. Preferably from the cops pension funds, (but we all know that won't happen).

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    Swat team for a civil fine? You guys better pay those parking tickets!

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    Never stop burning tin.

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    This post led me to this video as well.......MUST SEE! Police gets owned by law student. - YouTube thought it was kind of funny. I had never heard of Deberry Vs US.

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